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User Projects - Big & Small
Come and have a look at our latest members projects.

These range from bodywork and wheels all the way through to rebuilds, paint and complete overhauls read more here

20/09/12 Our new website is launched, enjoy.

21/09/12 Main forum is under going maintenance and upgrades.

05/10/12 Track day looms, want to join in, see our events.

07/10/12 New Website front end has now been updated, enjoy.



We have lots going on but not all advertised on here, this varies from Local drive outs with other clubs to curry nights and even trips abroad or camping.

Come and meet up with us at some point.

Have a look here to read more here

Started by Friends, Now Run by Enthusiasts!
Started by curry nights and pub meets back in 2003 now transformed into a wider community for people to come together to discuss in a friendly environment all about their cars.

Introduce yourself, enjoy your stay and tell us about you and your ride. register on the forum

Members, Support Members.

There are a lot of members who have a large amount of experience across a lot of car manufacturers.

Come in and ask some questions or add to the knowledge pot, and most importantly enjoy your stay and enjoy your car, drive safe.

Have a look to read more here

Track Day / Eventst?

We try to looking to organise a few track days for our members this year. If you are interested come and look on our forum for details.

Have a look to read more here

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